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At Jonathan Abbott Realty, we are committed to excellence in serving both buyers and sellers of real estate. With a focus on personalized attention, market expertise, and transparent guidance, we strive to exceed expectations and help clients achieve their real estate goals. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in the dynamic world of real estate transactions.


We specialize in maximizing the value of your property through strategic marketing, expert negotiation, and the delivery of a second to none service.


We are dedicated to helping buyers by providing personalized guidance, extensive market knowledge, and a seamless buying experience.

Get a Cash Offer

Sometimes your situation requires that you need a cash offer. At Jonathan Abbott Realty we have partnered with local cash buyers to get you the industry’s top cash offer. Oh, and without the commissions, fees, and headaches!

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Discover the shocking reality behind iBuyer transactions and how their attractive offers may not be what they seem. Learn about the hidden fees that can significantly impact your final payout and why opting for a transparent and personalized selling approach can put more money in your pocket.

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Unlock Your Homes Full Potential: Selling Options for Every Home

Maximize your home’s value with tailored selling options, including multiple cash offers, MLS listings, customized marketing strategies, and expert negotiation. Employing all of these ensure that you receive top dollar for your property and a successful, lucrative home sale.

How We Are Empowering Sellers with Transparency

Through comprehensive market insights, exploring alternatives, and clear communication, Jonathan Abbott Realty provides sellers with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions. Say goodbye to opaque cash offers and embrace a transparent, transformative selling experience. Click below to read more on how we are disrupting a un-transparent industry. 

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